Two-way smart SMS messaging solution for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM


SMS messages are designed as standard Dynamics CRM activities. That means there are no restrictions how you can automate your solution.

Send message automation

To send message from a workflow or custom activity, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Create a new SMS Message record, provide the destination number and message content (data slugs can be used to create dynamic content).
  2. Set status reason for the created activity record to Pending Send.

The system will automatically pick up any message with that status and submit it for delivery.

Receive message automation

To automate processing of received messages, add a new workflow triggered by the Create event on the SMS Message activity. If status reason for the new activity record is Unresolved or Received, that indicates that the message has been received. Message sender and content are available to create process automations based on who sent it and what’s in the message.

Automation Ideas

Here is some ideas to help you get started with the message processing automation using workflows and custom actions.

Inbound processing

  • Automatic inbound message routing
  • Place messages on any queue for effective processing by teams
  • Take actions based on message content (e.g. mark appointment as confirmed if replayed Yes)


  • Distribute message to multiple recipients
  • Create SMS templates to individualise messages
  • Automate reminders e.g. send message 24 hours before the scheduled appointment
  • Two-factor authentication processing, i.e. generate and send the code to the contact’s mobile/cell number and ask them to verify the code.