Two-way smart SMS messaging solution for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM


When inbound SMS message is received on one of the associated numbers, the solution will create a new SMS Message and set the content according to the settings.

Inbound SMS message

  • Sender field (1) will be determined using smart number matching. If more than one match is found in the system, ambiguity settings are used to resolve the sender (2).
  • Mobile field (3) is set to the sending number as received from the SMS provider. This number is usually in the international format including the country and the area codes.

Manual resolution

If sender cannot be determined, system will set Unresolved status for the inbound message. This status allows manual resolution of the sender field and, once resolved and saved, SMS message activity will be locked and status will change to Received.


One of the most convenient shortcuts for quick message exchange is ability to use Reply button available for the received messages. Pressing this button will create an outbound message to the sender, using the sending number as a destination, and with the Regarding field set to the same record as the inbound message.