Two-way smart SMS messaging solution for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM


A new outbound SMS Message can be created using Other Activities > SMS Message command available on either All Activities view or when a recipient record is opened (e.g. contact or account)

Send SMS message

When sending a message, only two fields are required to be completed:

  • Mobile The recipient mobile/cell number (2). It is recommended to enter the full number including the country code, however the solution will try to resolve the number using default system settings. If message is created from the known record, e.g. contact, the solution will try to determine and pre-populate the destination number based on the recipient record (1).
  • Message Message to send (3). The system allows up to 620 characters per record, however, messages exceeding 160 characters will be sent in segments each up to 160 characters long. The number of segments defines the final cost of the message. Note using Unicode characters such as Kanji, Cyrillic, and other languages, may decrease the number of characters available in each segment to 80 (and therefore potentially increasing the cost of the message).

Once message is submitted for delivery using Send button, System tab of the message record will contain additional information about message processing.

SMS message status

  1. Some service providers send a notification when message is delivered to the recipient. In these instances message status will say Delivered.
  2. If it is possible to determine the charge associated with the message, the Charge field will contain the information.
  3. Use Session ID field when asked by support when troubleshooting delivery of an individual message.