Two-way smart SMS messaging solution for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM

SMS Number

SMS Number entity defines authorization for outbound messages and default inbound message processing. To access the records:

  1. Click Settings > SMS Numbers
  2. Click the record to open

Fields and settings

This is SMS number stored using full international format including the country code. The number must match one of the purchased numbers as defined in the Account Settings.
Default recipient on the inbound messages. Depending on settings, the recipient can be overwritten with another user account during the message processing.
Inbound queue for the received messages. All messages received on that number are placed in the queue regardless of the recipient.
Authorized Senders
List of users who are authorized to send SMS messages using that number. This list of associated users is built using new field SMS Number available for the user record (following the phone numbers section). When user creates an SMS message, solution checks the user record, and use the number from the SMS Number field as a sending number. If no SMS number is associated with the user record, sending SMS message will fail.