Two-way smart SMS messaging solution for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM


To access settings for the AlexaCRM SMS solution:

  1. In your Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM instance, click Settings > Solutions.
  2. Click on the Display Name AlexaCRM SMS Integration to open the solution.
  3. If configuration page is not loaded automatically, click Configuration link
  4. Account Settings window is displayed:

AlexaCRM SMS Settings

Account Settings

If account is in a trial, the words Trial Mode are displayed. The account is automatically given a credit sufficient to send/receive between 20 and 40 SMS messages approximately where sender and recipient are both located in US/Canada.

The trial mode stops when the account is topped up for the first time.

E-mail Address
E-mail address associated with account for identification and notifications. Press Change button to modify the email address
CRM User
Service account used by the solution to access Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM organization. To change the account and/or password, press Change button to display a logon dialog. Note: For Dynamics 365 Online it’s recommended to use non-interactive account. This account must have the role SMS Service User assigned to it. There are no any other security requirements for the service account.
Current Balance
Current balance of the account in USD. When the balance becomes negative, the SMS message processing stops. However, all pending messages are queued up and not discarded. As soon as the positive balance is restored, the SMS message processing resumes.
Top-up Amount
To increase the current balance, enter the desired top-up amount and press Top Up button then follow on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

Numbers section

This section contains the list of SMS-enabled numbers associated with the account.

Note Each listed number needs to be defined as SMS Number record to enable outbound number security and to allow inbound message processing.

Allocated number including the country code
Last Charged
Date of the last charge processed for the account
Name of the country associated with the number. Note: per message charges depend on the sender and receiver countries and the length of the message.
Amount in USD charged for the number on the monthly basis. Date of the charge is determined by the date when the number was first purchased (it’s the same day of the month as in Last Charged column)
Press + button to add a new number to the account. In the trial mode numbers are restricted to US and Canada only. Note the charge for the new number is processed instantly and the account balance is reduced accordingly.
Delete button
Press this button to remove the number from the account. WARNING: This operation is irreversible and, most likely, it would not be possible to get the old number back.

If number from a specific region is required, e.g. designated state in the United States, please contact us.


Pressing Settings button displays various solution settings that define SMS processing:

Processing settings

Entities and fields

This table contains the entities and their attributes that hold mobile numbers. The numbers in these entities and attributes are automatically processed and prepared for smart matching when SMS message is received by the system.

WARNING In earlier versions of the solution some manual processing is required if these settings are changed. If your solution has the version or lower, please contact us if you would like to change any of the entities or fields.

Default country code
Country code used when number is incomplete and only contains valid local part. This is useful when processing and matching SMS messages received from the numbers recorded in the system as local. (SMS providers always include a country code for the sending number)
Ambiguity behaviour
This setting defines the logic matching the sender’s number with a record in the system. See ambiguity behavior for more information.
Assign incoming to sender’s owner
When the flag is set and sender record has been uniquely identified, the system will automatically set the owner of the matching sender record to be a recipient of the message. This is a simple yet effective way to ensure that users can immediately see and access the SMS messages sent by their contacts or accounts.
Set regarding for incoming
When the flag is set and sender record has been uniquely identified, system will set Regarding field to the sender’s record. This can simplify querying related records and performing activities rollups.