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3rd-party Plugins

Premium feature! This feature is available in the premium extension.

Access record identifier in form redirect

The record identifier can be included in the redirect string using %s placeholder. For example, if a form is used to create a new record, and you would like to redirect to a page viewrecord afterwards, then the new record identifier can be passed in the query string:

Access user contact information in code

Sometimes it’s required to access information about the currently logged-in user in PHP. It can be easily done by using Identity class that has static auto method that returns the current user identity information including the linked CRM record (if available).

Annotations & Images

Integration Dynamics provides means to show images stored in Dynamics 365, including entity images and annotation images.

Attachments in twig

The attachments stored in annotation entity are accessible using a special purpose-built URL:


Premium feature! This feature is available in the premium extension.

Call workflow

While it’s not possible to call any workflow directly there is a simple workaround that involves using custom actions.


Configuration of the plugin is performed in the WordPress Administration panel. The plugin provides a separate section for that, which is called "Dynamics CRM". You can locate it in the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

Custom notifications for user functions

Dynamics 365 plugin has built-in notifications when a WordPress user is created, updated, or deleted. Custom actions associated with these events are distributed as part of the Dynamics 365 solution and can be customized further to perform the required operations.

Editing user profile

If a page is bound to a contact table then passing contact identifier in the query string will set the currentrecord object and allow record editing using, for example a Gravity form that relies on the record binding.

Entity Binding

Dynamics CRM Integration allows you to bind CRM entities to WordPress pages dynamically. This way you can surface CRM data with views, forms, Twig templates, or just raw PHP code.

Filters and Actions

Dynamics provides a number of WordPress filters and actions that allow you to extend the plugin and augment its behaviour.

For developers

The page describes aspects of the plugin that are useful for developers.


This feature has been deprecated! Please use Twig templates. Twig provides richer opportunities for programmed page templates.


Using the WordPress Admin to install plugins is the most straightforward option, as it handles the file transfer without you needing to leave the Web browser.

Messages in custom twig form

Messages in twig forms can be customized using messages property. That approach, however, does not work for custom twig forms where the form is provided as part of the {% form %} tag.

Multilingual Support

Dynamics 365 Integration provides limited support for multiple languages in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM. Display forms and views in different CRM languages.

Premium Features

Dynamics CRM Integration Premium comes with a handful of premium extensions to our free plugin -- Dynamics CRM Integration.


This quickstart guide tells in brief how to install the plugin and start capturing leads from you site directly into Dynamics 365.


Dynamics CRM Integration template files contain the markup and template structure for the front-end of your site. If you open these files, you will notice that they all contain hooks that allow you to add/move content without editing the template files themselves. Plugin template files shouldn't be touched because changes would be lost during the next plugin update.

Twig Templates

Twig templates give you a powerful tool to create a custom experience for your users.

Upload attachments in twig forms

To add attachment uploads to Twig forms, you need to build a custom form layout with an input file control and an upload handler.


This feature has been deprecated! Please use Twig templates. Twig provides richer opportunities for programmed page templates.

WordPress Plugin

Nothing gets between your web site and your CRM. No more iframes, no more third-party services, no more moving parts. Built using CRM Toolkit for PHP, the plugin connects directly to Dynamics CRM without the need to add anything else.