Dynamics 365 Integration

The easiest way to connect Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM with WordPress.

Annotations & Images

Integration Dynamics provides means to show images stored in Dynamics 365, including entity images and annotation images.

Annotation images

Annotation images are exposed via a crafted URL, which includes GUID of the annotation that holds the image.

Original image is downloaded, and you may request a downsized copy (a thumbnail) by specifying the optional width argument – the image will be scaled proportionally.


Download annotation attachments

The plugin provides an opportunity to download attachments, whether they are images, Office documents or virtually anything else.

To download a file, you need the annotation ID.


A Save As dialog will be prompted by the browser after following the link.

Images from custom entities

If you store Dynamics 365 images inside custom entities, you can refer to src/Image/AnnotationImage.php in order to write a similar image retrieval endpoint with caching and scaling capabilities.