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The page describes multilingual support in Dataverse plugin

WPML support

Premium feature! This feature is available in the premium extension.

Integration-cds plugin supports wpml string translations.

To add a string to wpml you need to use translate twig filter.

Example: 'Your string'|translate

After that, you should load the page with this string once. The string will be added on the wpml string translation page.

All lines with translate filter will be added with the twig-translates domain. So you can easily find those strings.

Forms translation

In Forms you may have necessity to translate fields and buttons. As for buttons, in Dataverse Admin Area when you look at your form you can see Form Buttons section. Click + button and select necessary language. Then type new button title for this language. For example, select French language and type Soumettre. Then click Settings > General in WordPress Admin Area and select Francais in the site language dropdown. When you view the page which uses mentioned form you will see the Soumettre button in the end of the page.

To translate form fields you need to set and enable this language in your crm settings. How to set language Then you call form:

{% form id= {formId} language=1036 %}

To make translation for custom fields or custom table you need to go to the solution explorer and make Export Translations. See details Then you should write translation for custom field or the whole table. Then you need to make Import Translations. To make translation process easier you can use Easy Translator tool from XrmToolBox. See detailed video how to use Easy Translator

View translation

To translate a view you can use next example:

{% view entity="contact" name="Active Contacts" language=1036 %}{% endview %}

In this example all columns will be in french.

Gravity Forms translation

To translate Gravity Forms you can choose one of several options:

  1. To create several Gravity Forms for each of language and set fields or buttons titles for each language.

  2. Use a plugin for this aim, such as WPML. How to make Gravity Form multilingual