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Accessing Choice columns metadata

When custom forms include a choice column (previously known as an optionset or a picklist), access to the metadata is required to include all possible values as part of the markup, usually as a SELECT HTML tag.

Cache Management

This page describes how to manage caching, including force disabling caching, configuring cache storage, and clearing the cache.

Custom entity binding

Entity binding provides quick and easy way to associate a page with a specific row in a Dataverse table. Row id can be passed as a parameter or an alternate key can be used out of the box. For example, if we define an alternate key called Account Number for an account table that uses accountnumber column then we can configure account page binding as following:

Custom Forms

Design forms with Twig and HTML and capture submissions into your Dataverse instance.


Build your forms and write custom twig code using Elementor!

FetchXML queries

Use the powerful FetchXML query language in Twig to reflect your Common Data Service / Dynamics 365 data in WordPress.

Getting Started

Get acquainted with the plugin, learn how to install and configure it properly and learn about its features and capabilities.

Hooks Reference

Dataverse Integration provides a number of WordPress hooks that allow you to extend the plugin and augment its behaviour.


The page describes multilingual support in Dataverse plugin

PowerApps Forms

Capture leads, feedback and other information from your website using forms designed in PowerApps and Dynamics 365.

Table Binding

Link WordPress pages to Dataverse tables to provide direct access to your organization data.

User administration

Link your WordPress users to Dataverse records to provide customized experiences, user data synchronization and extra sign-in authorization.

User Binding

Link your WordPress users to Dataverse contact records to provide customized experiences, user data synchronization and extra sign-in authorization.

Using Twig

Use Twig templates to create custom layouts. Access your Dataverse data and metadata in Twig to share your data with your users.


Add views to your WordPress pages to display tabular data from Dataverse and Dynamics 365.


This feature refers to advanced user maintenance using Microsoft Power Automate and is currently in preview.